Actually, though

Actually, though While the thinking of the child remains evident and figurative, words for it express ideas of those subjects, actions, properties, the relations which are designated by them.

Adults, communicating with children, often are mistaken, assuming that words have for them and for preschool children the same sense.

Actually, though children rather quickly seize ability correctly to carry words to certain subjects, to situations, events, careful studying shows that between words representations of the child and words concepts of the adult there are very essential distinctions.

Representations it is more live, brightly display reality, than concepts, but do not possess clearness, definiteness and a sistematizirovannost peculiar to concepts.

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The board

The board We designed very simple support a wooden board in length of m of cm and width of cm on which hand bells are put.

The width of a board should be sufficient for installation of the bases of two hand bells, one under another.

The board is divided into black and white pryamougolnichka of the identical width equal on width to the basis of a hand bell.

White rectangles correspond to white keys of the keyboard of a piano, black black.

The board, it seems, serves only as a support, but actually is also a measure, specifying a place of each note in scale.

Black and white pryamougolnichka designate intervals between scale steps the semitone between the third and the fourth, between the seventh and the eighth is designated by white rectangles.

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Hair of the kid Esln

Hair of the kid Esln Temporarily leave this invention and return to it later.

Hair of the kid Esln at the newborn a fair or red hair, most likely, is not enough of them.

As a rule, such hair drop out at a fruit shortly before the birth or soon after the birth of the kid.

By sixth week of life of hair practically does not remain.

If the child was born with dark hair, they will hold on on the head much more lon than light, but all the same will drop out before will begin the new.

Calm the kid Researchers argue that the quiet condition of the kid within the first eight weeks of life considerably influences his healthAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDand appearance.

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Though children's drawing

Though children's drawing It appeared that children learn in drawings of the contemporaries of a toy, and learn not only the images reflecting sufficient number of signs, but also such drawings in which it is transferred onetwo essential from the point of view of the small artist of a sign.

Though children's drawing is focused on reality reflection, it very often does not correspond to that expects to see the adult.

When one child draws the car with the quantity of wheels many times over exceeding number, released by designers, such drawing does not cause doubts in other child.

The adult, considering similar drawin reproaches the child that it is not so similar to the car Rather probably on a thread with a beads!.

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Because The toy has not on age, and the child plainly does not know that with it to do.

And to scold him there is nothing you did not give in pads a glass mug to the sixmonthold kid, hoping that will not drop, will not break.

Because of that that parents too actively and it is importunate teach the child what to do and how to play, extinguish an initiative.

The child is disappointed.

Its expectations are deceived.

It when very much would be desirable one, and received another.

Ob and idno! Why to it a tractor when he wanted a live puppy in birthday! Communication does not suffice.

To break it to throw down a challenge It is necessary nothing for me, if to you not to me! Desire to check parents on durability.

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